Around my home – part 2

Posted on Wed, 14 Mar 2012 by KiM

Oh how I love camouflage-cat!

KiM says:

Thanks for all the photo and kitty love!

sarah says:

camo-cat is a great picture!

Lucía says:

I love it! I also teapot collection! Kisses from Argentina.

nana says:

dear kim,
love the flower curtains, the photo with the spreading milk, the tolix chair, all the lovely details that make this house your house! Thanks for sharing! regards nana

Justyna says:

Oh I ADORE your taste in art…. great ladies in print/painting form!

Just love getting a glimpse inside your stylish pad! Love the kitty pic and you art!

Tabitha says:

The photo with the spilt milk is amazing. Where did you source it?

KiM says:

That photo is called Milk Splash by Seattle photographer Chelsea Fisher. It's from Paperwork and you can get it at a GREAT price HERE

Sue says:

I love your cat!!!Kisses from Mallorca!

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