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Posted on Sat, 17 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

Tricia Rose believes in spirit of place, and after having homes in Sydney, London and the Var in France, she now is cozily ensconced in an old hunting cabin built over the water of San Francisco Bay.

“Even though the cabin has dictated everything about the décor, it has been through many changes,” Tricia says.  “Structural improvements of course, and new bathrooms, but I seem always to be stripping something away, like the drywall over the old clapboard, or the nasty popcorn ceilings taken away completely to raise them to the rafters.  I seem to paint every couple of years too, a thrilling Iron-Bru orange in the main room gave way to a tamer South-West tan, then pale gray and currently, dark tannin-stained planking.”

Most of the year Tricia and her husband Stefan eat outside on the deck overlooking the bay.  The outlook is constantly changing, with high and low tide, all the birds, and the volatile cloudscape over Mount Tam.

“This is like playing house, or being in a beach house all year round,” says Tricia.  “ I use my own simple linens – of course! – and I am so happy to be integrating work and living like this. is totally internet based so we can even travel – but we always love coming home.”

Tricia’s Rough Linen line was inspired by homespun bedding she found while clearing her grandmother’s cottage in Scotland, and her simple, rustic duvets and shams now are complemented by Smooth White Linen sheets woven to Tricia’s specification to have a good heft to them, “Like Italian sheets,” she says.

Åsa, Göteborg says:

It is a wonderful cosy home, I would feel welcomed and at home at once! Someone lives in and loves this place, you can tell. Even though I think the decoration/style is taken a step or two too far 😉

What a unique home..the location cannot be beat! beautiful linens and I just can't get over that rope-edged table! thanks for sharing..xx meenal

sarah says:

love the pic of the tiny bed with it's own bedside table and tiny cup!

You have a lovely home and a wonderful collection of hats! I like your idea of using the easel to stand your tv and I must add sunning photographs too!

Chrystina says:

Awesome pictures!! What a fabulous workspace, great views and SO much natural lighting.

Liz says:

The home is fantastic, but it's Tricia who really shines. What a lady! I'd like to be her friend.

What a wonderful post! I'm a big fan of Tricia Rose and her lovely wares and seeing more of her beautiful cottage is such a treat.


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