Helenio Barbetta

Posted on Thu, 22 Mar 2012 by KiM

Helenio Barbetta is a brilliant Italian photographer based in Milan. His capture of interiors is perfection, highlighting everything demanding attention, and is beautifully explained in his bio: Helenio’s pictures rebuild a mnemonic, sometimes absent landscape, made of real life atmospheres, where the story of his own life is described in spaces that work almost like loudspeaker of his emotions. In his subjects we find a melancholic vision with a taste of a remote past, unmoving but possible, rebuilt, stimulated and reanimated. His images are visionary maps speaking of feelings and making an abstract trial run of the memory.







Luciana Barbetta says:

Might be some distant cousin of mine

Mid Mod Tom says:

I love the orange galley kitchen especially. Very cool styling all around. Friday love!

Great shots…just found your blog..love it.

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