Posted on Thu, 29 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

“Celebrating the poetics and prosaics of the domestic.” Tribe Studio Architects. Energetic, optimistic, simply beautiful. Modern homes with clean lines, clever storage solutions, light, bright, sustainable. Youth and enthusiasm combined with talent. A stellar design combo.

Sarah says:

Wow! I got such an immediate Australian flavour from these spaces – I absolutely adore it! Just beautiful… but also a bit of a blank canvas for all the beautiful things I would love to place in these spaces. *Dreaming*


love their work…and i love the name 'tribe.' very cool…

rooth says:

The storage solutions are very tidy and modern – I'm sure the homeowners find it extremely functional too!

Loulou Ste-Adele says:

Fabuleux! and so much inspiration. I am in love with the "zen" bedroom. And such clever clever details and ideas.

oregonbird says:

I've never seen a house hang together better.

selina says:

Abosolute elegance! I love this house!

selina says:

A tour of their website is ewll worth it!

Former resident says:

The top apt did loose some of its 1919 charm by ripping out all those walls. Why buy an old apt if you don't like them?

Bruce Graf says:

Could you tell me about the suspended shower curtain rail? I just completed a project where this would have been perfect. I did multiple searches and only came up with products that looked like they should be in a hospital. Can you tell me where you purchased it or what they refer to it as?

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