Laura Stein

Posted on Thu, 5 Apr 2012 by KiM

Laura Stein is an interior designer based in Toronto that I was shocked to find out I had not featured here before. She focuses on “creating fresh, lifestyle-based designs infused with comfort and understated luxury”. Her contemporary style is timeless and not at all fussy but quite sophisticated.


beautiful! especially the first kitchen.

Perfection in every detail 🙂

Shelley says:

I dunno, it looks like it is trying to be Asian, but it is not the least bit soothing.

AB says:

Please don't hate me for writing this but there is such a thing as 'death by ikea', 'death by chocolate', and 'death by Andrew Martin'…For example, all living room spaces look like Andrew Martin showrooms/catalogue…don't get me wrong I love ikea, I love chocolate, I love Andrew Martin design, but I don't like overkill! Too much of the same dilutes impact, gets monotonous…Laura Stein is clearly talented but could consider breaking up the colour palette and introduce some dissonance…

Mid Mod Tom says:


Amazing interior designs liked them spicily bedrooms was amazing. Thanks for sharing

Margaux says:

It's just wonderful, I want this home on the future!

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