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Posted on Sat, 21 Apr 2012 by midcenturyjo

The competition is ended and drum roll please… the winner is …. G and G. Congratulations! We will be in contact soon.

Yay! Another competition! Matt Blatt, Australia’s specialist importer of affordable high quality furniture, has given me this lovely Estelle French Provincial Chair for you to win as part of the promotion for their High Tea Mothers Day V.I.P shopping night. Valued at $495 I can see this piece fitting right in at your place whether you are addicted to French, shabby chic, boho, industrial or beach styles. This little sweety will move on in and feel right at home. Bedroom. Bathroom. Dressing room. Office. Hall. Anywhere you need a stylish chair. What do you need to do to win her?

  1. You need to be an Australian resident. (Boo! I know overseas readers. It is not fair but Matt Blatt is only based in Australia.)
  2. You need to tell me, in the comments below this post, in 25 words or less “Why do you love Matt Blatt?”.
  3. You need to leave a name and email address for us to be able to contact you when you win.
  4. You need to answer in 25 words or less…. honestly… 25… or less. Better count them.

OK get going. Time to think up your most creative answers. You can enter as many times as you like before 5.30pm AEST May 10… the day of The Mothers Day V.I.P shopping night.

Lynne Lillington says:

Why travel to Paris , when Matt Blant can bring me the best of France direct to my door. You should be Monsieur LE BLANT .

Tania says:

Because his name rhymes.

Tania Foster says:

You can always trust that Matt Blatt is well designed, fashionable and refined.

Angela says:

Great design at affordable prices which allows everyone that does not have a loadful of cash to have champagne taste on beer incomes!!

Kiana says:

Matt Blatt – love him because he keeps my MIL happy which means she doesn't bother me!

Stacey Neumann says:

Matt Blatt has furniture galore,
The affordability lets me have MORE!
More chairs, more lights,
He gets everything right.
The beauty of his pieces I simply adore!

G and G says:

Just wanted to say one last time love Matt Blatt cos you'll save a dime. Flair and style by the mile. That's why!

G and G says:

Dear Matt Blatt it's love it's true. Style and price and swift delivery too. Love? I'd marry for that chair.

G and G says:

1 2 3 it's almost time. Matt Blatt will you be mine? Love MB because it's affordable and stylin'.

Shelly says:

Love Matt blatt. So classic, so timeless and just so gorgeous 🙂

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