Recipe for success

Posted on Tue, 1 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Take one part modern. Sift with a dash of traditional. Add ample energy and a stick of youthful verve. Mix on high for a fresh and fun take on interior design. You won’t need a cookie cutter here. Original is the way to go. Bake on a medium heat and you’ll have a stylish home with a lots of colour to spice things up. Southern flair has never been so glam and fresh. Interior designer Barrie Benson shakes it up and serves a perfectly wonderful confection.








Lyndsay says:

Oh Barrie. Your style is so my jam.

Mabiel says:

Colour is used so well in all these rooms.. especially in the living room with yellow curtains – AMAZING!!

I love the mix of modern and traditional and the accents of colour.

superdutch says:

On the one image is a double-volume book on a table called "More is More" on the work of Tony Duquette. The title hardly begins to describe the guy's style. Colours running riot, endless layering, every nook and cranny filled to the brim, more, more, MORE. My own style veers way towards minimalism, but to see a Tony Duquette interior is to become instantly smitten with a mind who clearly believed enough is never enough. Really worth googling, the guy was a true artist.

Helen in Asheville says:

Love love love this post. Truly inspirational . . . the pink walls and the green walls and the quatrefoil chairs and the bed and . . . Please come to my home.

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