I Love Architecture

Posted on Tue, 8 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Too cool! This apartment design in Amsterdam is by I Love Architecture and what’s not to love. Open plan, white space anchored by substantial timber benches and a wall of kitchen storage. Yellow pendants pop from above punctuating the open space and defining areas. Cave like black tile is used to delineate the ensuite while white stairs levitate up to a rooftop chill out space. Apartment Weteringschans by I Love Architecture.

Mabiel says:

I want that Miffy light! Awesome..

Ilaria says:

WOW! Astonishing. Really a place to love!

rooth says:

The yellow light fixtures are so punchy, I love them!

Ivy Lane says:

lovin' all the natural light in those spaces!

Love the yellows. It's a really hot color right now. People looking for natural accent colors too often forget about yellow. Um… hello… lemons? Flowers? Yellow is a very natural color and it's bright appeal makes it the perfect accent against woods and lighter colors, such as whites and light blues. These pics are a perfect example!

oregonbird says:

Is it weird that I see it as a place a kid could really have fun?

MAZ says:

egg yolks !

SASK says:

Does anyone know from which company the yellow light fixtures are? (the big ones with the yellow color inside)

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