Not your average builder display home

Posted on Wed, 9 May 2012 by KiM

Anna of Ethos Interiors (based in North Queensland, Australia) and the blog my design ethos, wrote us recently about one of her projects: Builder’s display homes in Townsville tend to be very safe and extremely contemporary with white tiles, glass tables and white leather furniture. The house is part of the builer’s Beach House range (and is completely gorgeous) and although I was told to keep it neutral, I wanted to introduce Townsville to the idea of some different styles such as using timber and a mix of modern and vintage pieces. Although it’s not too adventurous for the design world, it was considered very different for a display home here! The budget for furniture for an entire display home in Townsville is less than I would normally spend on one room for a client but I was still pretty happy with how it turned out. Happily, all the beautiful art was lent to me by a local art gallery, Studio 2, which was fantastic as it meant I didn’t have to use generic store bought art! It boggles my mind that builders think new homes need to be filled with modern, cold furniture to attract buyers. I think what Anna has done with this home is far warmer and more appealing. Photos by Naomi Abdilla

justyna says:

i adore that bedroom… really adore it!

Maddie says:

Wow! I love it! So used to bland display homes but this is just wonderful 🙂

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