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Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 by KiM

I have a ton of cleaning and blog research to do today so because I don’t have much time I thought I’d show you some small projects around my house and other things that have been going on here lately. 

First up, some shelving I acquired that needed a bit of work. A couple of weeks ago we went to hang out at my sister’s cottage and my husband got to work repairing the shed that houses the ride-on lawn mower (the top half of the back wall had collapsed over the winter due to the weight of the snow). In the process we took everything out of the shed that had been left there by the previous owners. We found a bunch of metal bins/shelving in the shed and outside the shed holding rusting cans of leftover paint. My sister took 3 of the good ones and I offered to take the rusting ones that were outside. They were in pretty bad shape but I figured I could sand them and/or spray paint them. I tried sanding the rust off for a couple of hours but it turned out to be a daunting task so I opted to sand them quickly and spray paint them. I had bought neon yellow and pink spray paint a couple months back and decided to use the pink since I hadn’t done anything with it yet. I kind of like it! I thought for now they’d work great as shoe storage in my dressing room. 

A few weeks ago we replaced our front door with one from a friend who had remodeled her front entrance and replaced the door with a new one (ours was old, ugly and falling apart). I had painted the outside of it Chinese red and the inside a sort of chartreuse/apple green. It looks fantastic and really brightens up the living room compared to the old one (photos of it in this post). I found some photos of when I was in the process of painting the door a few years ago (we weren’t going to bother installing it since we are planning to wreck the house and rebuild but decided to anyway).

That’s pretty much it for projects around the house. I did acquire some new items lately, and here are a couple of them. 

This was going to go in a parcel I sent to Jo last month but I realized the candles would likely break in transit so I decided to keep it for myself. 🙂 It is by Dansk Designs (made in Denmark).

I also got my hands on some more antlers, shipped from a farm in Alberta (where my sister’s former co-worker lives). He finds alot of them in the Spring all over his property.

There is another piece that made it into my home lately but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to get decent photos of it so that’s for a post in the near future. To end this, I thought I’d show a couple photos from the cottage, since I have been going there for a day each weekend to try and relax and plan to for the rest of our short Ottawa summer.

JudyG says:

love the door! that's awesome. and you're so lucky to have a cottage to escape to.

Eleonora says:

Wonderful idea for my shoes…I have never space enough!!! : )))

Janne says:

I too love the door!!! And smart solution with the shoes!

What a great idea!! Such a cool way to store shoes. I've tried looking for neon paint here in Sweden but no luck yet, probably a good thing as my husband would have to wear sunglasses around the house with all the places I'd like to put it!

peggy says:

Love the neon shelves! Makes great shoe storage! Also love the chartruese door. Hope you have a great weekend.

jja says:

Please make this curtains longer 😉 As soon as possible. Shoe rack is a great idea!

KiM says:

I have 7 cats so I do not want my curtains any longer because the furballs that occasionally roll by will just get stuck on them. 🙂

Brilliant idea for shoe storage! I'm sure one could find old bins from drug or big box stores that they are throwing away. And your door colour is amaze.

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