Stalking the shoreline

Posted on Tue, 29 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Set amongst the Pandanus trees just back from the sand dunes and rainforest, within ear shot of the crashing surf, down sandy path to the shore is a family beach house with room for everyone. Rooms for when the weather is balmy, rooms for when the sea air is chilly. Rooms for retreating to and rooms for breaking out even a perfect spot beside the sheltered pool and a clearing on the sand dune for a chair. It’s casual living with just about everything you could need… and maybe just a bit more. I think this family likes its knick knacks. Nothing wrong with being a bower bird, your home is your home after all, but just a little less stuff, a little more editing and straightening and I’d be hopping in the car and driving to Suffolk Beach south of Byron Bay and begging to stay until summer comes and goes. Thanks to my stalking partner Andrea for this one. Link here while it lasts.


rooth says:

This is so beautiful – it's unreal. I can't believe this place exists in real life – it has my name written all over it

Such a beautiful location Suffolk a little hidden gem and i could hideaway here so easily!!
Carla x

It's paradise 🙂

Amy says:

Wow… can you say dream home? How wonderful.

Oliver says:

OH MY GOD. I'm in love.

Ashlei says:

The picture at the bottom is elegant and at the same time stylish that is dominated by a white tint. This beautiful interior could be an excellent condo design. I also found some of the designs as cozy that exudes a relaxed feeling to the homeowner. The arrangement creates a calming atmosphere.

Seth says:

I love this….. wow! This place has a touch of 'kampong' feel to it

MH says:

I don't think it's too cluttered- just looks like people live there, instead of being so 'styled' that it looks like a hotel not a home.
It's lovely.

kerry says:


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