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Posted on Wed, 30 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Mariel lives in an old apartment down a quiet little street in Hong Kong. I’ll let her explain.

My apartment is in a 50-year old building on a quiet pedestrian-only street in the center of one of Hong Kong’s busiest commercial districts. The neighborhood makes me think of New York. Thus, I wanted my apartment to have a “New York feel”. I also wanted to keep some of the Asian/Oriental pieces that I’ve collected over the past ten years. At the same time, I was aiming for a somewhat more modern vibe. I asked my decorator-friend Richard Raymundo to help me make this happen. There is a big post almost right smack in the middle of my living/dining room. What a big challenge that was. In the end, we put one of my Asian sideboards there and made a beautiful tablescape of my Thai Buddha, some flowers, and candles. And to the left, we placed my LC4 , so I feel that I can enjoy a bit of privacy when I am lounging there.

Photography by Xavi Barca.

Rosie says:

This is in Hong Kong? So lovely. It must be wonderful closing the door on all the hustle and bustle and relax at home. How big is your apartment?

Mariel says:

Thank you for featuring my home, Jo! What a thrill. Richard saw the post first and told me about it. =)

Rosie, my flat is 1,200 sqft. It is indeed a pleasure to have this wonderful space in busy Hong Kong.

Belinda says:

Love your home Mariel. Clever way to make that post "disappear" and your bedroom is so calm.

oregonbird says:

You've created a sense of timelessness – as if a breath has been taken, but not yet released. I think the modern touches must be what gives it the dynamic feel — it's a perfect balance with the calm of your older pieces. The b/w pictures offer a bit of classicism in the streamlined dining area. Your bedroom is a whole other world, rich and textured but still pared down to modern terms. Did I mention I like it? Very much.

Mariel says:

Many thanks to Belinda and Oregonbird.

I am enjoying my home so much. Indeed, the healthy mix of old and new makes the space calming and dynamic at the same time! There was a lot of editing that had to be done, i.e., I gave away furniture and accessories. I kept some key Oriental/Asian pieces that I really, really love and let Richard find the modern pieces to go with them. I am so happy with the outcome!

Having said that, the space keeps evolving …

peggy says:

Very lovely home! How lucky to live in a pedestrian-only area! I would love that. It must feel like a big hug when you walk in there.

Love this apartment's design. Perfectly stylish and calm. Great job, Mariel.

Mariel says:

Many thanks to Peggy and secretleaves! I am inspired!

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