Kristin Sjaarda

Posted on Wed, 6 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

If you are a regular reader of Emma Reddington‘s blog The Marion House Book (and if you are not you really, really should be) you will know the work of photographer Kristin Sjaarda. Kristin photographs the “Hello! Neighbor” series. Her photos are so personal and intimate. The life of a house is the family within and Kristin’s photos are brimming with this life. It’s like you are standing at the door of a room and watching the daily ebb and flow of its inhabitants. “A picture paints a thousand words” may be an old cliche but with Kristin Sjaarda‘s work it’s true. Not an easy thing to do.

oregonbird says:

More… I shall go see more…

Nina says:

So inspiring!

She is amazing! And such incredible spaces. The perfect inspiration for my morning. Thanks for sharing!

Anuszka says:

Ohhh, I want home like this on second picture!

how2home says:

Kristin Sjaarda's is marvelous, She captures the perfect mood for each room , she is definitely one of my all time favorite photographers. The bath tub and barn door….im speechless. I'm love DIY projects and im wondering if the barn door could be a DIY too!? Any tips/tricks for this project?

lucie says:

one of my favorite posts ! thank you!

TK says:

very much ok! Thx, will check her out more!

wow, thanks, guys! I read about this post on it's great to see the photos from "the marion house book" blog here. I just started a blog of my own, a kind of visual journal.
btw the barn door is in Rachel and Paul's house. they both have blogs where they write about the door and other custom woodwork in their recently reno'ed house. some pretty entertaining reading: and

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