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Posted on Wed, 13 Jun 2012 by KiM

I work in a typical office building that completely lacks any decent decor and frankly, the place is falling apart and should be condemned. So when we received this submission of the new Microsoft headquarters in Vienna, Austria created by architecture firm INNOCAD, I wanted to share it with you all.  We don’t typically blog commercial offices but when I saw the boardroom completely surrounded in wood I was sold. And OMG this place has a slide! FUN!!!

Robert says:

Woah so cool! Love the colors of the blue room!

holland says:

"Board-room" taken quite literally …

To me, offices like this are childish and indulgent, as if the staff therein consider themselves to be special little darlings. How ever did earlier creative geniuses come up with ideas without THEIR in-house slide?

Oregonbird says:

I… have political scruples myself. Playfully child-like, colorful and funky doesn't sit well with 'helping world fall apart.' I tend to skip past the show palaces as well, but I'm sure there are readers who don't wince. It's very neo-euro.

Working in an office as bright and well designed as this I don't think I would ever be tired or "bored"!

The wooden board room looks so cool and I can't believe there's a slide… I wonder if the staff do queue up and use it? That would make a fun photograph!

JordanSmith says:

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