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Posted on Wed, 13 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Refined and elegant, muted colours and old family antiques, stunning views and a pool perched on the edge of the valley. Glen Athan at Berry in the Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales. A 105-acre retreat with a house that blends Australian heritage design with contemporary luxury. Love the wide rustic floor boards, the tongue and groove walls, the wonderful old 12 pane windows and the view. An impressive family pile. For sale here while the link lasts. One would need lots of new money to buy this old money farmhouse.

Pretty sure this is Jackie O's house actually. If so, I can't believe she's selling – it's beautiful and in a gorgeous part of the world. Will be interested to know if anyone can confirm for sure, but I think it is? K

Beautiful – I'm going to move in when I retire!

kath says:


Jules says:

Its not really my usual style, but I'd still happily move in tomorrow and not change a thing!

holland says:

Like Jules above me, this isn't a style I ever craved for myself — but it is graceful, gracious and so very livable, I might rethink my cravings.

I'm sold – what a lovely house. I even like the furniture!

Who is Jackie O?

Avery says:

Who is Jackie O? O my. But 'she' can't be selling, even if it were her house, as she has passed numerous years ago. The home however is gorgeous. Very tranquil and timeless.

romy says:

You got me at porch! Lovely house, amaizing place, location, location, location.

By the way who is Jackie O.? I thought there was just 1 Jackie O. Was she cloned? How interesting!

The designers have stuck to a theme here and executed it perfectly. Beautiful!

andthisisthereasonwhy says:

Jackie O, as in 2DayFM radio host.

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