Castello di Vicarello

Posted on Fri, 15 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

“At Castello di Vicarello history lives on each path, in each stone and every wall sings a song of the ancient past.”

Crowning a hilltop amidst olive groves in southern Tuscany is a fairy tale castle come to life. But this castello is no dream. It’s a rustic luxe retreat that will sweep you up in its history, embrace you in its family’s arms and spoil you rotten with its quirky luxury. Aurora and Carlo Baccheschi Berti have restored the ruins of the twelfth century castle over many years and now play host to lucky guests who have the choice of seven luxury villas and suites. Rooms are filled with exquisite antiques and furniture and artifacts from the family’s life in Indonesia. As for the gardens and views. Sigh. A truly once in a life time experience. One day. One day I will go.

Very successful interior design for this kind of building and the environment!

spiffynest says:

outdoors gawgeous !
inside drab & depressing …sorry …
one could do so much more with that wonderful space ..

Perfectly designed home and keeping with the integrity of the building and surroundings. Just breath taking!

Oregonbird says:

Whoever did the photographs was a genius. Yes, there's a lot of dark — but it's a pile of rock with small windows, it's going to be moody inside! I love the mood — brooding and romantic and unexpected. Cool indoors, even in the daytime you appreciate a lamp or a candle in a nook — but you also have the Italian sun breaking in now and then, promising that once you untangle yourselves (no hurry!) heat and vistas are waiting. /sigh/

madonnaofcoogee says:

Sigh, yes, lovely…. So much fun to play lady of the castello, or stay in the Sixties suite and imagine you are in an Antonioni film….

Jodi says:

Dear God my soul just left the building and is living somewhere in Tuscany!!

I agree with Mikkel, the exterior is amazing but the interior is not quite my style. However, I'm sure if was actually there I would find the rooms to be perfectly comfortable.

It doesn't get much better does it!

jeanricard Broek says:

I looked at the link and found that it had only two choices, English or Intaliano, clicking on each resulted was a page " " a blank page saying "true" .. a real shame.

KiM says:

i just checked the link – worked fine for me. perhaps try a different browser?

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