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Posted on Fri, 15 Jun 2012 by KiM

Here is another Domus Nova property. This one seems to have a Parisian vibe….and then the owners have added in some modern furnishings. I have to say the red sofa and chair and leather sectional-looking sofa are really throwing me off – I’d replace those with a large brown leather chesterfield and maybe a ratty vintage Louis XVI armchair. The windows are to die for though! A beautiful collection of traditional finds and contemporary pieces. This home offers open-plan space with original features such as stripped wood floors, high ceilings and large arch windows. Rustic furnishings including distressed dressers, original shutters and god adorned glass shades, give unparalleled character. Against a palette of neutral whites and greys, bold armchairs, books and photos inject life. The owner is obviously creative with a zest for bohemian living.

Las says:

The nook in the kitchen is gorgeous!
The red couch don't bother me that much, but the red chair is, to my taste, completely off.

Siso says:

I'll have one or the other but not the two of them together in that room. Either way, it should not be in the center of the room.

I love the mirror divider, the black chandelier and the wood boards in the kitchen. The red and white color scheme is beautiful.

KitziG says:

Beautiful foundations, but it looks like someone has just moved their boyfriend and his batchelor pad lounge furniture in! Not a fan of the red chair and sofa, but otherwise very lovely indeed.

Oregonbird says:

The black sectional works, but the mod red? No, oh no! But the red chair/sofa work with the kitchen, which was also done without thought of blending, and doesn't work with anything. Two discrete styles in one place is a bit of a mess.

Sonje says:

I kind of like it. A new genre, perhaps? Funky Fresh French???

TieDye64 says:

Great space, but I'm with you. The modern red sofa and chair really do throw it off. The sleek kitchen, however, works for me. Maybe because of the simple, sleek yet classic style. At least to my eye.

Annie says:

I so agree! It's like when you look in the room ALL you can see is the red sofa and chair. If you hold your hand up and block the red, the room is so, so pleasing. The windows, that stunning floor! The light. There's so much beauty there, too bad they won't just let it be.

i don't mind the black sofa. the red pieces would work if they were neutral color. but why is the red chair in the middle of the doorway? and what a skinny fridge!

wilfried van daele says:

So sorry but I hate it!!! Colour scheme: white, white, white, red with a little black thrown it. It is so easy and cheap. Kitchen: open plan kitchen is a device to save space and doesn't work here. The chandelier looks cheap and tacky. Where did they buy it. I count five side tables, that is including what I think is the dinner/breakfast table. Too many of those and the dining table is small and thus not so practical. The artwork on the walls is very bland, with this colour scheme they should go for something more colourful and bigger. No curtains: well do all do it like that now.

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