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Posted on Sat, 23 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don’t know what to do? You’re not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you…. that’s you lot… the readers! This week’s problem is from Alev who has made a great start (and sent lots of photos) but she needs help taking the next step.

I bought the ap. almost a year ago and I really tried to make it feel like home. I’m always wondering what it is I can do to make it look more original (and maybe add some more colors?) I feel like I haven’t finished the decorating yet – I actually think I will never be satisfied when it comes to decorating – it’s always keeping my mind busy. I never knew I would be interested in furniture and decoration. It kinda happened when I made the move.

Half of the things I own are from second hand shops (really the only place I can find furniture I feel connected to). My bed, my dining table, my sofa, the little cute chairs and all of the bigger peaces I have managed to find in outlet stores at reasonable prices (which I am very thankful for cause I love them). The drawings are made by myself. I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl and for the first time I decided to hang some of them up.

I would appreciate it if you could give me some tips to make my home look more lively and colorful and original.

Alev’s lovely bedroom is after the jump.

christa says:

You have some great stuff! here's what I would do to tighten it up.

1. Start with more art. If you want to continue with your drawings, how about painting the frames bright colors? An all yellow frame group on one wall, all green on another near the green bench, one bold red frame above the dining table. Then you would have some pops of colors up on the walls that could add some height as well as defining areas. Really work with art and mirror placement to get a balance of height and some definition of zones within the open space. Sometimes it helps to use painters tape — make rectangles on the walls to plan your placement.

2. If you do decide to paint, you don't need to do bold colors, just a neutral with more tone to it so it is more separate from all the cream furnishing. A warm gray (Farrow and Ball Pavilions or similar), just enough to be different but not harsh. The whole place is soft with soft light, and I think that's nice.

3. After you tried out those things, then look at the curtains (which I think might be fine with a defined change in wall tone).

4. Plants. 2 or 3 well selected house plants will bring the space to life.

5. I think you may have too many chairs around that dining table. They look a bit jammed into the corner. Maybe consider putting 2 into storage unless you do a lot of entertaining. Or you could sell those upholstered chairs and getting smaller wooden ones so there could be some breathing room around the table?

Cata says:

Your place is perfect!! I love your choice of furniture and find it very cohesive as well as charmingly femenine!! I like the color scheme too! If what you want is a litle MORE color, I would go with colorful rugs that will also pull the pieces together and make it cozier. Maybe something in the same creamy colors with accents of red (drawn from the chair). But you´ll get it right I´m sure, place is already very pretty!!

Isn't that wavy-top sofa interesting! I can't wait to see the result of all this good input ~ ~ ~

Lucie says:

the place looks very nice and light and i really like the furniture. the only things i'm missing are lamps, pictures, flowers, rugs and last but not least books! they somehow make home for me. color of walls is not the essence. although, it may help to complete it..

Kari says:

I like your furniture but I hardly notice it since there isn't any contrast (everything is cream or beige or gold with the exception of the red chair). I'd paint the walls a pretty dark cool gray (or each room a different shade of the same same gray) so you're light furniture really pops. Then just hang some art (probably in gilded frames with huge white or cream mattes) and pick up smaller accessories when you see them at thrift stores etc.

Alev says:

Hi hi, thanks for all the advice (and the kind reassuring compliments). I will for sure let you know how it goes and send out pictures when I feel like I've reached my goal.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I also have lots of books, but they've been sitting in my closet for almost a year now because I don't really know where I should place a book cupboard.

If anyone has some ideas? They would be more than welcome:)

Thanks ***

Donald says:

For a bookcase, I'd consider a Sapien (or Sapien knock off) instead of a typical bookcase…that little bit of modern, instead of competing with your lovely antiques, would add an interesting mix, plus it would add something vertical where you might need it, it doesn't have a big footprint and it really shows off great book spines.

Alev says:

Definitely a good idea. I looked it up and came across this: It doesn't take up alot of space.

I was rather thinking of one that's built in. But I will consider your tip also.

Thanks **

acpgee says:

I agree that you have some lovely pieces. And the rooms which really rock are the ones that also engage at eye level, like the bedroom with the mirror over the vanity and the tall branches near the bed.

Would consider adding tall book cases to the wall behind the dining area. If you don't have enough space or enough books, just a single eye level shelf wrapping around the room.

Would similarly add something above the couch in the living room. Could be a painting, mirror or a long shelf. And sconces or a pedestal for a plant nearby.

It's a lovely space.

Anne says:

The simplest way ( I think) is to add wall colors – red and black would do it for me. Big splashes of red and black(behind the bed for example), add some pictures hanging on the walls, some lighting fixtures and your done =D

Greetings from Estonia

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