z axis design

Posted on Wed, 27 Jun 2012 by KiM

z axis design is an architecture firm based in Toronto that I recently discovered whose work is impressive. Their kitchens are gorgeous, their cabinetry is divine and I absolutely adore the front entrance that blends seamlessly with the outdoors – SO COOL! 

cath w says:

Entryway is nice but the rest is 'same ol', same ol'': kinda bland and uninspiring. Do people really want to spend time in a room where the most interesting thing to look at is a fruitbowl under a spot light?

Natalia says:

Green design become more and more popular now.Simplicity and natural material-the best solution for a comfort living. I like it.

cabbagerose says:

fabulous! i really am wow'd by the interior. thanks for sharing. happy day.

Adriene says:

Hmmm. This one reminds me of a sci-fi movie from the seventies, where a family moves into a "modern" house and all the appliances trap them there and try to kill them. Not really my idea of inviting.

Generally, I'm all for minimalism but this leaves me cold.

johnm says:

The views from the windows are great but I feel sorry for the neighbors, this house makes theirs look like a big garden shed.

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