The architect’s home 2

Posted on Wed, 4 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

Still continuing the relationship that the architect has with their home space. In the previous post it was b-arch’s Alessandro Capellaro. Now it is his colleague and co-founder at b-arch Sabrina Bignami’s personal space. Casa Orlandi, a late-18th century palazzo was underwent a minimalist restoration acknowledging its history and the passage of time. Inserted into this time capsule is a modern home of contemporary design classics and found objects. It is as if the old house is a stage and the contents a set on which to play out the owner’s life. Whatever it is, it is a fabulous juxtaposition of old beauty and cool new style.


Fabulous interiors! Everything 's so perfect!!! I was trying to find out my favorite image but it's impossible…I love them all ! Thanks for sharing these unique and stylish interiors!

laura says:

what a way to wake up this morning! perfect post as always….

Totally. Drooling. Over this post. Heading to craigslist next. First search. Black lucite retro chairs!

Beth K says:


madonnaofcoogee says:

That kitchen! Gorgeous! I don't believe that mirror could stay by the stove when cooking but whatevs, it looks great. And the living room needs some serious messing up to get rid of that cold look, but maybe I'm just envious of palazzo life…

Been schmoozing with that kitchen for a fair while now. 's good to see the rest of the house.

Oregonbird says:

So often the attempt to introduce modern furnishings to ancient environs goes horribly wrong. Not this time!

jorge says:

just great beatiful
this is the best interior design blog

Issy says:

breath-taking! love the juxtaposition of old and new. wow.

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