A little bit of country on a Sunday

Posted on Sun, 8 Jul 2012 by KiM

I was poking around homelife, one of my favourite Australian websites that combines content from Inside Out and Country Style magazines, and came across two homes that really caught my attention. This first one is the home of stylist Jane Frosh and her family. It is a little bit of country with a very cool vintage industrial vibe that I always love. And holy smokes it’s got a caravan for guests (called Carrie) and a treehouse. (All photos by Sharyn Cairns)



Home #2 definitively has a country vibe. I love this because it also contains room after liveable room of coziness, and I adore the light fixtures that look like they’re made from vintage wire baskets. It’s the cottage that visitors never want to leave.

Angélica Delgado says:

Solo digo que como las cosas simples puestas con buen gusto , resultan preciosas….

jil casey says:

Two different styles – but both houses rock, great post!

Eva says:

So beautiful!!!

I can imagine the life I'd lead in either of these houses, simple and tranquil…

marija says:

very very pretty.

I love the white cabinet/armoire with the multi-coloured door!

dana says:

i am LOVING house #2 – that kitchen is perfect!

Hey there! Thanks for featuring my house on your blog!!!! It is such a lovely little black shack. Oh,. and it is FOR SALE!!! Yup. pop over to my blog http://www.janefroshstylist.wordpress.com for upcoming details! JF X

nicole says:

both homes are oh-so-very lovely indeed! home #1 has my heart! it is too rad for words!!!! oxo


I loved the romantic atmosphere of nostalgia and decorative pieces, especially the living room and kitchen.

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