Justin Bishop

Posted on Mon, 16 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

Timeless, classic and traditional, layers of history and collections, life’s experiences held tight. At other times a spare asethetic, the sense of less is natural. It’s a look that harks back to an age before the mass produced, a time of the artisan and the simple. A look that is even more relevant in these times of mass consumption. History and the time worn, vintage and the long discarded but newly rediscovered. It’s a bower bird approach to beauty. Australian stylist and interior designer Justin Bishop.


Julia says:

Absolutely beautiful! I love the warmth of old wood and metal, and objects that have seen decades of use.

Georgia says:

Egad! I am just in love wiyh those glossy dark wooden floors!

I love it! Gorgeous dark floorboards and warm wood against so much white.. a wonderful look.. Thanks for sharing.

Sparky says:

Lovely, serene, warm and quite liveable. Because of you, Jo, I'm beginning to be able to identify the interiors of old Australian homes by the unique architectural elements. Thank you—this is fun!

Joe ends says:

This is wonderful.They look so natural,beautiful and could really tell,how they have all been maintained and well taken care of.

I love how Justin has chosen a style and stuck to it like glue. The dark furniture in the dining room provide a terrific contrast to the lightness of the room.

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