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Posted on Sun, 22 Jul 2012 by KiM

I got my hands on a new book recently so I thought I’d do a review of it today for you all. It’s called Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman, and it is based on her lifestyle blog, which I happen to have been reading daily for at least a year now. This book is only somewhat related to interior design but I quite enjoyed it so I thought I’d feature it with photos of the more design-y topics. 🙂  Cupcakes and Cashmere includes DIY projects, organization tips, party-planning ideas, beauty how-tos, and delicious recipes for food and cocktails (a few I want to try ASAP). It’s separated into seasonal chapters, and within each Emily divulges her signature “Five Things” relating to beauty, style, at home, and food & entertaining. You can purchase the book at Amazon, Abrams and Barnes & Noble. Here’s a little peek (of course I had to include a photo I found at the back of the book of her 2 cats).

carey says:

i love cupcakes and cashmere blog and love this book as well! she is so stylish and professional

Need to add this book to my collection!
Thanks for the review, looks to be very inspirational

Sparky says:

I am curious about what that is you have set the book upon for background when you took the photos. It's beautiful, but what is it? ~Sparky

KiM says:

I was at my parents' place yesterday enjoying their pool since it was VERY hot (as it has been all summer here in Ottawa – not complaining tho'!), and that is a super heavy wrought iron dining table near the pool. Found this photo of it on Flickr.

Sparky says:

Thanks, Kim! I really couldn't tell; thought it may be indigo dyed leather (my wild imagination) or wood and then curiosity got too much of me. ;o)

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