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Posted on Tue, 31 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

There is nothing like holding your favourite magazine in your hands. Nothing like spotting it on the shelves when it first goes on sale. The little leap of joy when you see a new cover staring back at you. You’ve waited weeks. It seems like months. You’re a junkie and you need your fix. Well that is what it is like for me at least. My drug of choice? Inside Out magazine. I cannot get enough. Inspiring, practical and brimming with stunning homes, the latest trends and clever ideas for your home and garden.

Thanks to Lee Tran Lam, managing editor of Inside Out we get a sneaky peek at the September/October 2012 issue, on sale tomorrow. The cover story no less. The home owners are Lucy Fenton and Josh Markey, who run Fenton and Fenton. The story is by Anna McCooe, the photographs by Felix Forrest and the styling by Jason Grant. The whole thing is… in a word… Yum! I’m itching to devour the rest of it tomorrow. Tomorrow! I have to wait until tomorrow! Not fair!

Before our non-Aussie readers bemoan the fact that they can’t get Inside Out where they live the good news is that you can subscribe through Zinio. Not quite the same as leafing through those pages but definitely the next best thing.

Nina says:

Oooooh, I love InsideOut!!!! Thanks for the sneak peak, I shall defenately get a copy!

It's a gorgeous issue. Just loved it. Jo, if you subscribe you wouldn't have to wait til tomorrow!. Got my issue on Monday and some Sydney folk received it on Friday.

Sandy K

Bernadette says:

I love their home, especially the dining area and bedroom. But the cute dog doesn't seem to want to be in the photo ;o) I'll make sure to check out the links.

Annie says:

I haven't read it before I don't think but will be buying it tomorrow! Of all things just before I read your article I found Zinio online while trying to find back issues of the UK magazine Homes and Antiques. I'm head over heels for everything in their too!

Sparky says:

Jo, you heard my bemoaning (not able to get Inside Out) all the way from here? ;o) ~Sparky

Lauren says:

Gorgeous! I found the quilts on Pinterest and love all the rest now that I see the other photos! I'm so happy to hear that the magazine is available on Zinio too!

Jess says:

Oooooo, it's nice to get magazine recommendations. I'm on a tight budget and I love magazines but I haven't been able to find "the one" to subscribe to. I'll have to check out Inside Out as those photos look amazing. I'm especially digging that bedroom!

Sophie says:

I really love the mirror on the bedroom… I just would like the same in my bedroom… If you know where I could find it in France, thanks to tell me.

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