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Posted on Mon, 6 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

Beautifully designed and crafted houses. It seems obvious what an architect strives to achieve. Homes that seamlessly fit their site and their owner’s needs. Two homes today from Jon King of Design King Company. Timeless and clever, practical and specific with a wonderful sense of place. A celebration of the external and a revelling in the internal and private. The first home at Palm Beach has a sense of drama, almost a stage presence. The second, a family home at Coogee turns inwards and provides a sanctuary, a private wonderland for those who live within.

Pics 1 & 3 are stunning! Beautiful open home (pics 9,11,12). Thx for sharing!!

Wowser! I love the way the photos are saturated with colour too, the first one especially.

Sarah says:

I've seen the first house on an australian tv show:

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