With flying colours

Posted on Fri, 10 Aug 2012 by KiM

A big thanks to Åsa for sending us the link to this INSANE flat for sale in Helsingborg, southern Sweden. This is so atypical of what Swedes do to their homes. We all know they LOVE white…and there is not one spec of white in this apartment (with the exception of the tub and toilet). It must take special people to come up with this, and be able to live here day after day. I sure as hell could not. I would lose my freaking mind. It’s just so bizarre. Good luck selling this place!


acpgee says:

Was Vernon Panton Danish?

The lone dissenter. I like it.

Caroline Y says:

The apartment is nice, light and spatious but I really don't like the red /blue colour combo in bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, nor the red/pink combo in the livingroom. Ouch. It almost hurts my eyes and brain. In some cases (like livingroom) this could easily be fixed by repainting the walls but for the kitchen and one of the bathrooms the 'lucky' new owner is tuck with this psychedelic colour combination….

Sarah says:

My 5 year old is now near tears because she can't have this house.

oregonbird says:

The kitchen is sexy. And the bedroom! Oh man, if I was a $1000 an hour call girl, that would SO be my workspace! (Minus the plants.) Love the bathroom, the lighting and shapes. The dining room is chair porn with a necissarily simple table, just as the work station in the bedroom was stripped down — the decorator knew where to let the flamboyance ebb! LOVE the pink living room set, hate the brick fireplace — throw in a white rug and paint the fireplace white! /sigh/ so so so fun.

Too much red I think.

Too much red I think.

Too much red I think.

Too much red I think.

Too much red I think.

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