Industrial goodness

Posted on Wed, 15 Aug 2012 by KiM

My love of industrial/vintage items in a home drew me to this 18th century farm in Orgeval, France owned by a former journalist turned decorator and restorer. It’s flea market chich at it’s finest. Via Art & Décoration.

I love to see industrial done so well (and better than I ever could!)

how2home says:

We share the same love for industrial and vintage items too! This place is marvelous….i'd move in, in a heart beat.

monikaj says:

Outstanding! Love every piece of this place.

Great minds…I posted about industrial eclectic today too. I linked up to you here. Great place…not easy to combine so much vintage without looking like a junk shop…this place is a great example of the edited mix.

Miranda says:

Great place. So many wonderful things to look at and admire!

eili says:

nah, stuffing in too much vintage / industrial items doesnt neccessariliy mean that it gets better and better ..

oregonbird says:

Stuff, stuff & more stuff. The house is amazing, and could stand up for itself if it wasn't buried. It's all marvelous stuff, and I know gathering it together is a joy in itself — letting anything go would hurt. But a little less would be so much more.

Union Tom says:


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