Inga Powilleit

Posted on Fri, 17 Aug 2012 by KiM

Happy Friday everyone! Isn’t the first week back from holidays the LONGEST EVER?! I need something to get me through the day, so I have a little treat to share in the form of gorgeous eye candy at the hands of Dutch photographer Inga Powilleit. Her photos are absolutely stunning, and I especially love her portraits in fabulous spaces. She brings a room to life, and I want to hang out with these folks and enjoy a coffee, some conversation and their decor. P.S. Inga has had the honour of photographing the home of super stylist Emily Chalmers (pics 4 & 5).

i LOOOOVE the floors in the pic above

meredith says:

When the incorporation of personal clutter adds to a designer's flair, I love them more for it. It's 'easy' for designers to create beautiful clean spaces, but it's masterful to design beautiful messy spaces.

KiM says:

meredith, i 100% agree!

madonnaofcoogee says:

Beautiful! Love the lovely boho

Georgia says:

Sexy black tub

I would love to steal Emily Chalmers space…

This is just all too much. Too many kitchens to drool over!

househunter says:

Feels lved in

Sara says:

Absolutely beautiful!!! I want my house to look like that♡♡..those creations are unique, creatively refreshing and inspiring!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

susana kraglievich says:

Hi, Beautiful pictures! Do you know where the black bathtub comes from?

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