Eric Striffler

Posted on Tue, 21 Aug 2012 by KiM

I would love to be all eloquent and use some big, thoughtful and moving words to describe the spectacular work of photographer Eric Striffler but the allergy medication I am taking is making me dopey and I can’t think straight nor stay awake. (DAMN YOU ragweed or whatever the hell it is I’m allergic to every last half of August). So here you go. ENJOY!

(Interior design by Betty Wasserman.)

roxy says:


Do you know who made those paintings????

KiM says:

Sorry Roxy, I do not. (Aren't they fab?!)

Maci Nogueira says:

I'm also allergic to almost everything and the only alternative I've found to feel better is acupuncture. Try it, you will feel the effects in the first application. Take care of yourself.

I NEED to know what that picture is made of in the 9th photo! I think ceramic but that's probably because I want it to be ceramic. And my damned computer won't blow it up any further. I like a lot of these for very different reasons – the colours in some, the lack of colour in others, the chair arrangement in another, the paintings and the anonymous wall piece. A nice smorgasbord, really.

Ral says:

OMG! There's a sheep in the last photo :))

Meredith says:

The black cube chairs in the living room fascinate me. They could double as footrests or tables… Btw, long time reader & fan here! I'm impressed at the continuous stream of quality artists that you feature here!

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