Spring is almost here

Posted on Fri, 31 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

It’s in the air. A promise. A promise that winter is over and spring is here. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share the work of interior designer Allison Bloom of Dehn Bloom Design. Liveable and lovely, neutral with flashes of colour through accessories, texture on texture and loads of natural light. Fresh and fabulous just like the coming season.

Photography by John Merkl.

Grace says:

Haha I seriously tweaked when I saw the title of this post, because I always forget that the seasons are flipped in the southern hemisphere. Something tells me following you this winter will be an exercise in surrealism for a girl in the Great Lakes region.

oregonbird says:

I like the site again! Couldn't figure out what had changed, but instead of not staying, I was hanging on & flipping through posts, which is what I used to do — I'm so glad the visual distraction on the left is gone, gone gone!

Gorgeous photos! I'm glad for you that spring is on the way. Here is still summer. Hot summer, where fall should be coming!

Great photos! Thank you for showing these.
Can anyone tell me where the pouf is from? (6th + 7th photo)

Ellen says:

Pretty sure the chandelier is Ochre Arctic Pear. I love it but saw on another blog it went for $5000-plus U.S.

Maria says:

@ Will: The chairs around the table are from Scandinavian designers. The Y-chair" or Wishbone chair is by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner. The other is Lilla Åland or Lilla Aland by Swedish deisgner Carl Malmsten.

Thank you for an inspiring post!

shrank says:

nice – except for bland hotel art in dining room.

Sorry for the late response; I was on vacation when this posted, so I missed it until now. Thanks for the kind words about my work! I am so flattered to be on a site I have long read and loved.
Yes, the chandelier is the Arctic Pear by Ochre (I was lucky and got a discontinued floor sample for around $1800). The chairs (side) are the Salt chair from DWR – a well priced piece, made by hand in the Czech republic by Ton – I love them: lightweight, comfortable, and simple. The end chairs are the Wishbone chairs (another floor sample deal); they sell at DWR as well as many others.
The white painted floors in the kitchen are very simple and inexpensive: we found basic tongue & groove at a local flooring co that was unfinished, and painted it with floor paint (Benj Moore's Navajo White), and finished it with a poly clear coat. The wood floors in my home are made from wood salvaged from a sewing machine factory – they are scarred everywhere with gashes and marks, but we love them as they are very durable and hold up beautifully to our 3 kids + dog.
Happy to answer any other questions if you have them. Thanks again for the feature!
Allison Bloom

Herman Swan says:

I love those black chairs. And from where that pouf from? Great photos! Thank you for showing these.
~ Herman Swan

Can someone tell me please where that (white-beige honeycomb) pouf is from? (6th + 7th photo)

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