Gabriel Valdivieso

Posted on Thu, 6 Sep 2012 by KiM

I was doing some googling for blog material the other day and ended up on the website of Brazilian interior designer Gabriel Valdivieso. Some of the spaces in his portfolio looked awfully familiar and I realized he is not only a photographer but a designer as well, responsible for the site Quarto & Sala (I’ve blogged a few times here, here, here and here). These photos are from his residential portfolio. Fairly simple designs but I love his sense of humour (ie. in his wallpaper selections – anatomy-type skeletons on a floral and retro flamingos).

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

It`s weird but the photos remind me a lot of the photots of your place……

KiM says:

Michele, perhaps it's the cats. 😉

So interesting and refined in such a unique way – your website just gives and gives, I don't eat chocolate…this is it for me!

Visual nom nom nom 🙂

Jeannette says:

Beautiful interiors however I have to say that the skinless people/skeleton infused wallpaper is a tad creepy and a very odd choice for a living room.

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