Medieval minimalism

Posted on Wed, 12 Sep 2012 by midcenturyjo

Remove yourself from the modern world with an escape to a medieval watchtower overlooking the Carpini valley in Umbria, Italy. Secluded valleys, breathtaking vistas and a 12th century building lovingly restored with a minimalist bent. Mighty stone and wood marry with steel and glass while luxurious but minimalist furnishings reflect an austere past but a hedonist present. Moravola.

“The mind slips sideways a haven away from the modern world, the body unwinds as senses reawaken.”






Klaudia says:

Oh my god it's so beautiful I want to live there !!

madonnaofcoogee says:

Oh the serenity… that horizon pool is perfection.

jen says:

Wow! Thank you DTI – I would never see such beauty and opulence were it not for the insights (and photos!) you share with us. Sigh…

Kachuna says:

This place is like a very big suprise. So luxury inside…. yummy

What wonderful photos, I was almost transported to Italy even sat in my office. I would love to visit this place and explore it from top to bottom. Simply stunning!

Sparky says:

Oh yes! So beautiful, I can smell it! I've spent some months over the years in Italy, this part, too and these photos are so genuine I can feel the place with all my senses. xSparky

how2home says:

This view is spectacular. WOW!

AMR says:

Half a continent, the Atlantic ocean and a sea between us but I think I'll just start walking in that direction now….

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