Another Glebe home tour – part 1

Posted on Fri, 14 Sep 2012 by KiM

On Sunday I had the honour of another personal tour of a home that is part of the Glebe House Tour this year. This home is quite a bit different than the last one (featured here and here) in that the structure of the original home was kept (but gutted) with a large addition in the rear. While I adored the first home I toured because it’s modern, this one is the best of both worlds – a mix of old and new. Kellie Major and Warren Newberry are the owners, and have renovated/built 6 homes of their own so far. They’re so good at it they left their jobs to start ReNew Homes, where they provide residential renovation project management and on-site support to homeowners who wish to renovate or build a custom designed home. (Maybe my husband and I should think about hiring them!) Kellie and Warren were awesome, their house is awesome, their dogs and kids are awesome….so why don’t I just get to the photos? (Note: The tour is this Sunday so hurry and get your tickets!! My husband and I can’t wait to tour them all.)

The lower level of the addition is an apartment (currently a temporary home for Kellie’s mom).

The balcony leads off the new master bedroom.

My husband fell in love with this shed (clad in Kellie’s favourite colour – teal).

Kellie and Warren have used these glass garage doors in 3 of their homes and love them. I always thought the climate here was too cold for these but now I’m sold. 

Now for the first peek of the interior. I took too many photos for one post so for now the dining room, kitchen and living room. Later today I’ll show you the remaining spaces. 

When you walk in the front door, the dining room is to the left. Love the large niches that house a keyboard, cabinets for dining table paraphernalia and a desk….and it leads right into the kitchen cabinetry. The floors are engineered hickory. The house has no furnace (crazy, I know) but is heated with radiant floor heating which is why they went with engineered wood.

There was a support beam in the middle of the space, so a curved wall was created to house it and it turned into a chalkboard for the weekly meal plan. 

Behind the wall you can see stacks of boxes – tile for the master bathroom. Hopefully it’s all done for the house tour so I can see the final product!

I guess I was enjoying the tour and conversation too much to get any decent photos of the full kitchen so my apologies that I only have a few of bits and pieces.

They have a really cool Miele range hood (they got at a serious discount because the store was closing) that moves up and down at the push of a button. Great for this couple who are tall, and short. 🙂

The cute retro chair was purchased at White Monkey – a local vintage shop I adore. They carry the coolest art deco pieces. (The fireplace is a work in progress – the tile it will be clad with is going to look SWEET!)

One of the 2 garage doors  (you can see the other in the background). Fantastic!

Wood from the walls that were torn down were used to make barn doors. I am SO doing this when we wreck our house – the wood behind the drywall in my home looks just like this. 

The mud room is beyond this barn door and is used as the main entrance (for the residents). 

More to see in a bit so stay tuned!!!

pabla says:

please tell me where are the silver kitchen stools from!!!!!

Margaret says:

I can't even absorb this all, it is so wonderful! The curved chalk board wall to cover the post…genius!

INCREDIBLE!!! The Glebe has to be one of the best parts of Ottawa! Love all of the houses there and this one is STUNNING! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

romy says:

I love the kitchen back splash and the chairs! who made those chairs?

KiM says:

The stools at the kitchen island are from Urban Barn

JudyG says:

wow, just … wow. beautiful. when can i move in? ha ha

Louise says:

Love this one. Love how they renovated the front exterior and love the kitchen/dining room.

Wow, congrats looks great! We love the White Monkey too! We have 2 chairs from them in our current project with the same grey felt material!.

robyn says:

beautiful! so lovely to see a work in progress : ) I'm wondering where the engineered hickory floors are from and what the dimensions of the boards are- they're perfect!

ann says:

thnks this

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