47 Park Avenue update

Posted on Sun, 16 Sep 2012 by KiM

I have about 10 minutes slotted do get a post done for today. I spent the day yesterday helping my sister and her husband close up the cottage (BOO HOO!) as fall has suddenly arrived (30°C drop in temperature in 3 days) and today I am going to check out the Glebe House Tour in between chores and blogging (I heard yesterday from the owners of this house that their master bathroom was done on Friday – can’t wait to see it!). Without any real plans for today’s post, I immediately thought of 47 Park Avenue, one of my favourite blogs. I featured Michael and Jonathan’s blog and home back in March, and I always look forward to updates on their latest finds (they are masters at finding the coolest vintage pieces) and how they are incorporated into their gorgeous home. So without further ado, I give you some of the latest photos of their inspiring home.

BettyCC says:

Fantastic! I adore everything! Thanks for sharing. BettyCC

What a beautiful home! I pretty much love everything, especially the camel leather sofa's and 'The Boardwalk Sign'…the whole place is amazing! Wow!

Theo says:

Lovely leather brown couch, does anybody have any info, type, name, maker….. etc?

Carmel says:

Fantastic place, so much character! OMG those dogs, especially the pug, what a funny face!! ha

Interesting textural and brilliant!

oregonbird says:

If I were minor royalty, I'd live exactly like this. I'd need an off-site stable, of course. And a grotty old land rover with new bi-colored leather seats. But I would take down the Boardwalk sign, that's just annoying.

Margo says:

Lovely home and isen't that your couch a dream for sure.

What an amazing home! I love the contrast between the dark walls and light floors and visa versa with bright eclectic accents! The puppy is adorable too 🙂

Sierra says:

Where is the rug that the cute black dog is lying on from? I love it!

Krysta says:

I love 47 park ave. The pup with his tongue sticking out?! I can't even handle it!

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