Reader’s home – Orsi’s tiny flat in Hungary

Posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 by KiM

I’m so excited to have yet another reader’s home to share with you this week. This one is Orsi’s flat in Hungary. My flat is in city center of Budapest, it is very small only 398 sqf (37 m2) in an old apartment house. I made this renovation in the last year. I have one bedroom, one hall, one small kitchen and even smaller bathroom. The most important aspect was to keep clear. I do not have a lot of furniture appears to be larger. I made my headboard, I had some small sheet of carpet and I stick all of them. There is a wall with some photos, only here I put all pictures and photos, it is not full yet. My conclusion: sometimes the simple is the most difficult. đŸ™‚ Yet another adorable little apartment that would involve serious downsizing for most people. I love the b/w checkerboard floor in the kitchen and hallway (it’s been a favourite of mine for eons) and the headboard is such a creative DIY! Fantastic little home Orsi!!

luna says:

Wow, I'm surprised they could fit a washing machine in that bathroom! Great use of space. I love the quilt headboard.

Jenny says:

this is lovely! congratulations to Orsi on creating a wonderful space!

MarĂ­a says:

Luna, I've been working during two years in Eastern Europe, and I've seen the washing machine in the most unexpected rooms: in the hall, in the bathroom or the dining room, besides a sofa. Anyway, this beautiful home is light years ahead of what I saw.

Astrid says:

Lovely-small, but still it seems very open. Love the headboard idea-very creative indeed.

Branka says:

Houses in Eastern Europe, , as well as fashion, don't fall behind the ones in the rest Europe even the slightest bit, and even more so they do not for American ones. I don't know when did miss Maria work in this part of Europe. Maybe before WW2?

Maria says:

Dear Branka, I was working in Bucarest from 2008 to 2010, and I could show you photos about I was talking about. I could show you photos of many houses in Bulgaria too. Is the poorest area in Europe, I didn't see so much houses like in this post.

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