Simon Griffiths

Posted on Mon, 12 Nov 2012 by midcenturyjo

Natural light. That lovely filtered light that wakes you through the filmy curtains. The strong shaft of bright light that moves across your kitchen table as the day ages. It’s warm and sweet, soft and welcoming. I love to see rooms captured in natural light. Like a beautiful face without makeup. Real and lovely. No artifice, loads of personality. I’m really liking photographer Simon Griffith‘s photographs. The rooms are welcoming and gentle. No special effects. Just beautiful spaces captured beautifully.

WyGal says:

I really like the round table in the third picture. I wish they were a little easier to come by.
And, of course, love all the greenery. 🙂

Michaela says:

I like the bed and white wall painted. Beautiful. What an idea to paint bricks white! It really makes a difference.

sc says:

breathtakingly beautiful, every room!!!

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