When my house grows up it wants to be this house

Posted on Tue, 13 Nov 2012 by midcenturyjo

Drama. Dark rich drama. Style and panache. Subtropical gardens and a grand old house that has grown and evolved over the generations. On trend and reported to be in an upcoming interiors magazine, this Byron Bay house is my latest real estate stalking target. I’ve been seduced and I think you will be too. There is very little I would change. Dark  walls, fuchsia pink coffee table, rich green sofas and sparkling chandelier. Yes please. Kitchen and family dining, perfect for my needs. The hallway is an entrance to paradise. (Calm down Jo.) Perhaps we should arrange an inspection to see just how good it is in person. Byron Bay here we come! Link here while it lasts.

Val says:

Dear Jo, can I move in please? I am a good cook 😉

rooth says:

I could care less about the rest of the house (okay maybe not, the rest is awesome too) but I need that kitchen STAT

Cussot says:

Totally concur, rooth – perfect little kitchen!

Isa says:

Wow, beautiful! Hey, could anyone tell me what that cool stool thingy is in the third photo? Is it African? Any leads would be appreciated!

WyGal says:

I giggled under my breathe at the (Calm down Jo) 🙂 Although I would take out the bulky furniture everything else is awesome…sigh…thanks again for giving me my fix.

studiobmk says:

My kitchen would like to be like this for sure!! LOVE

superdutch says:

Raina, truer words have not been spoken on this website for a long time. Praise be to velvet in all of its upholsterific loveliness.

Bette says:

OK….in the minority here. I find the interiors a bit blah, and even depressing. Even the pops of color dont do enough to lighten/liven things up in my book. All is not lost on me however, I LOVE the birdcage chandelier, and OH the Exteriors, and pool area. I could work with the rest with some happier colors!

Jasmine says:

SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN!!!! Wow. So amazing and lovely. Rich, deep and textured. And that back yard!?! Are you kidding me???? YES. PLEASE.

naomi says:

Wow this house is fantastic!

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