Another escape

Posted on Wed, 21 Nov 2012 by KiM

I am dreading the impending awfully cold weather like you would not believe, so I thought I’d do a double dose of escaping this reality of mine. This time it’s thank to Arkin Tilt Architects, coincidentally also located in California. These homes are absolutely stunning and inspiring. The photo above is going into my inspiration folder. Oh, to have that massive porch and steel roof. LOVE. These folks can come design my new house anytime. 🙂

rooth says:

Yes, I'll take any of these as well. They look like they were just baked by the golden sun

Holland says:

As God is my witness, I will HAVE a standing-seam steel roof before I die. It will be white. And maybe it'll have that cool corrugated galvi sheet material on the underside, like this place.

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