Posted on Tue, 27 Nov 2012 by KiM

{ my favourite colour pallette }

{ massive wood beams used for a fireplace }

{ XXXL pendants over a dining table }

{ funky industrial pendants (p.s anyone know who makes them?) and orange/red stools   }

via Elle Decor Spain

Katey says:

I LOVE this. ♥


Anna says:

If someone told me: "From now on, you have to give up all your feeds and keep only one blog", that one would be yours, hands down. I have nothing to do with design and decoration, but my taste is so on the same wavelength with what I see here, that those few minutes I spend here are the visual equivalent to listening to my favorite music. Sooo glad to have found your blog.

Shane says:

I second that, Anna. Blowing Apartment Therapy out of the water with every post.

KiM says:

@Anna @Shane = you're making me blush. 🙂

I'm trying to work out if that is a Buddha or a doll, or a Buddha-doll – strangely lifelike and ready to hop down to putter into the kitchen for something to eat…

selina says:

inspirational as always

Deb says:

Can you imagine living in a place like this. My heart belongs to my 100 year old home that I live in but this and many of your blogs are very intriguing. I do find this one very lovely. (a big sigh!) Thanks for sharing and letting me dream a little before getting on with my day.

Shane says:

Seriously, Kim. I'm an artist/admin assistant/musician and after a month in Asia in April, I'll be adding student to that list. If I get a moment to write a post on my blog it's a bloody miracle. I don't know how you two find such incredible things to post every day. I bow to you. Now tell me your secret 😉

KiM says:

Shane – no secret. Just alot of creative googling.
After the full time day job, blog maintenance tasks and research, I have no life. 🙂

Cussot says:

It's so true, Tricia Rose – for me, it's the slight sag of the belly that makes it seem so, um, corporeal.

But seriously, plaid walls with that fantastic fireplace? I guess you have to see the whole room … The bird skeleton perched on a branch is a nice touch.

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