An art collection like none other

Posted on Tue, 4 Dec 2012 by KiM

I came across the portfolio of Brazilian interior architect and designer Diego Revollo and was immediately drawn to this apartment (apparently owned by a stylist). I love the funky, dramatic vibe and I’m a huge fan of BIG BOLD artwork. Although in this case it’s….all boobs. To each their own I guess. I would never be able to have my little nieces and nephews (or my parents?) over without feeling totally awkward. But I do admire their collection. Very cool stuff (especially the piece – a macramé Mona Lisa? – hanging over the bed).

Margas says:

That's one very sexy apartment! Not sure if I'd like to live here with a boyfriend though – a bit disconcerting, all that flesh… Otherwise I think it's crammed with beautiful furniture and objects.

Amanda says:

I'm totally down with boobs, but about half of the "knocker" photos are a bit disturbing! Not-fully-lucid-looking women being acted upon by fully-suited men? I think we just got a disturbing look into the psyche of this stylist! (Otherwise I like the haute eclectic look!)

Lin says:

These images are not about "boobs." They are profoundly fetishistic: emotionally distant men in armour and the vulnerable, naked women who serve them.

Patrice says:

Hmmm … I had an inkling that most people would comment on the wall art. I am a guy and was not that much drawn in by it. But I noticed the "savory" decor details that made me salivate e.g. the black and white mosaic dresser.

Maria says:

I love the place. It's classy, sexy and fun.
The photos are about power and surrender, it's sensual and I wouldn't mind living with my husband in a place like this. This kind of nudity doesn't bother me (I've experienced that kind of kinky scenario with my husband…).

Holland says:

Owner of this pad is trying way too hard. (Touch of inferiority complex going on?) Must have a red Ferrari chambered somewhere too.

Canada says:

I've no problem with nudity but fully dressed men with naked women is boring and overdone. Fail in an otherwise interesting space.

Ngy says:

Replace the nude artwork with similar size art work and color pallette and it'd still work; the nudity just undermines how beautifully placed the home furniture are..

virginia says:

Does somebody know the photographer of the photos? I love the one with the cup in front of the boob!

KiM says:

I love that one too virginia! Unfortunately I don't know the photographer.

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