Design Nehez

Posted on Wed, 5 Dec 2012 by KiM

Val Nehez and JJ Fox make up the Philadelphia/New York interior design firm Design Nehez. I freaked when I came across their portfolio. One word – WOW! Their spaces are creative, bold, fun and perfectly accessorized. They have a couple projects in particular that caught my eye – a mid-century makeover (with a to-die-for kitchen) featured after the jump and the bright, modern home in the first several photos. AWESOME LIVES HERE! (Check out the bread tab art installation below!)

Holland says:

Wicked scrumptiousosity.

hv says:

Very nice colours. There are some brilliant ideas.
what does mean scumptiousosity?

Jasmine says:

WOWO! Love love love the first home. Such gorgeous bold use of color.

Cussot says:

Fun use of bread bag closures, but I still hate them …

bb says:

any info on that multicoloured wall paper on the 4th pic-the one visible from the hall/entrance

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