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Posted on Tue, 18 Dec 2012 by KiM

Meg Lonergan of LeSueur Interiors is an interior designer from Houston whose designs are classic, totally liveable and timeless. Meg’s eye for mixing the old with the new, the classic with inventive, fine antiques paired with flea market finds; are molded from her experiences living abroad in Singapore, New Zealand and Paris as well as her travels all over the world. Her intuitive southern flair and international sensitivity can be seen clearly in her interiors, forming eclectic and creatively fresh concepts. I loooove those Asian armoires in the photo above, and who knew black in a baby’s room could look so good?

Katie says:

I am loving that Babies room, wish I could go back nine years and do my daughters room that way, it's so well done with the very white ceiling and door creating light moments. It would probably be better for their sleep, I know I'd like it.

Mariel says:

My favorite: the Ghost chairs + old wood table!

katrina says:

Beautiful interior design.

Sylvie says:

Does anybody know, what the "flowers" in the vase in the first picture are called? The are simply beautiful!
Or are they just dyed leaves?

atma says:

Those are eucalyptus leaves as used by florists

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