A modern farmhouse

Posted on Wed, 19 Dec 2012 by KiM

I seem to be on a serious rustic kick these days. And it continues today! Ron tipped us off about a magazine called Garden & Gun. (Perhaps they’re due for a name change?) It’s about Southern American culture and low and behold, has a Home & Garden section! I found this modern farmhouse feature and completely fell head over heels for this gorgeous home. It’s located outside the small town of Chester, South Carolina and was designed by architect Ken Pursley. It’s rustic with modern touches and the exterior is totally adorable. I freaking love it. Now I’d modernize it a bit more with the furnishings and probably lose the rope railing but WOW, what fun I would have decorating the bejeezus out of this! (Photos by Stacey Van Berkel)

Gigi says:

"Being prepared to fight a tyrannical government"…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Yes, fight a tyrannical government that owns nuclear and biological weapons with handguns. I want to see that movie.

Missannethrope says:

Good one, Gigi! I'll have to remember that next time anyone trots out that ridiculous argument.

Greg says:

Gigi, clearly firearms aren't going to win against nuclear weapons. They will, however, protect against early stages of tyranny and stop it in its tracks. I sometimes wonder how different history could have been had German Jews, gays, Gypsies, and other groups Nazis targeted been well armed. As a gay man, this is especially poignant. America's Founding Father's included the right to bear arms in our Bill of Rights for a reason. There are bad people in this world, and those bad people sometimes find there way into government leadership. If that ever happens, I don't want to be helpless.

Now, on a less serious not, how about that sun room?

katieR says:

those cow paintings are adorable. love the pop of color!

Love that magazine … those rooms are simply gorgeous. something to aspire to. Your blog is one of my fave finds this year. Happy holidays!!

KiM says:

Happy holidays to you too dervla!

Brandon says:

I agree with you on the rope. But aside from that, it is completely irresistible and adorable. Love the prints in the bathroom. So cute!

Ah, so glad I saw this! Can imagine getting a big group of friends together for a looong weekend here 🙂

BeckyE says:

I am not from the South (Iowa), but I'm with you all the way, Greg!

Julie says:

Can you tell me the name and brand of the exterior grey paint?

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