And may all your Christmases be white …

Posted on Mon, 24 Dec 2012 by midcenturyjo

Another year older. Another year wiser. Another year spent bringing you inspiration. Thank you for being here with us day after day. You know you are our friends. You make it all worth while. We hope your holiday season is merry and bright. And one day Kim, all your Christmases won’t be white… especially if you come visit me in the subtropics!

Sue says:

Thank you for all your posts of absolutely awesome homes this year! I look forward every day to see what you have to show us….Merry Christmas to you 2 also!

Kerry says:

Thank you for all the glorious postings and very happy holidays to you both.

Thank you for another inspired year! No-one can do it like you two.

KiM says:

Maybe I should plan my first visit to meet you around Christmas – would be a nice change to enjoy the holidays at a beach rather than buried in snow.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Damani says:

Merry Christmas Jo and Kim! Hope your day is filled with the energy of joyous laughs, delicious aromas , and peace this day brings. I can't wait to see pictures from you both. Desire to Inspire is my Google (aka Home Page) .

Have you guys met yet? If not, I have a suggestion. Why not plan to meet next Christmas. Sounds great!

Kim and Jo thank you for such a wonderfully inspiring year.
Wishing you and yours a very very happy holidays and all the best for 2013!
A xx

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