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Posted on Sun, 13 Jan 2013 by KiM

rooth says:

Oh gosh, I like all of these way too much. My reading material for the next few months

The white walk-in closet is so bright and airy.

pejper says:

A few already on my blogroll, but there are some new to me on your list here. I really look forward to see what they can bring! Yay!

KiM says:

Beth, we have a blogroll linked in the banner, however we don't update it regularly. And I don't know about Jo but I don't have much time to regularly scope out other design blogs. I have been doing those posts lately with the help of Bloglovin'.

You're welcome Valérie!

SJ, I actually love photos of unmade beds. Gives the space a natural look – because lawd knows my bed is never made (unless I know someone is coming over).

Oh I adore it all. So my cuppa tea! Thank you. Happy week to you. xx

This was SUCH an inspiring post, I have been trawling through the links for the past hour or so. Thank you for sharing these bloggers with me, I have added more than a few to my reading list!

Sarai says:

Having some serious closet envy right now!

Katie says:

It's so wonderful to scroll through these images and drink my coffee. I love seeing the way different people do things and so often it helps me come up with another way to arrange or display my own interior. (Oh and I'm totally with you on the bed Kim, especially in winter when on weekend afternoons I like to open the blinds and hop in the blankets with my book and a hot chocolate, it's much easier to do this when the bed isn't made ; ) )
Keep up the inspiration, it's so encouraging to see that other people are quirky like me!

Thanks very much for mentioning my blog :)) lots of love from Spain!

ashlina says:

Thank you so much for including my blog, among these other fabulous blogs! Such an honor!


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