Anders Jungermark

Posted on Mon, 14 Jan 2013 by KiM

I thought I’d start the week off with a bang. I came across the portfolio of Swedish phtoographer Anders Jungermark recently and was completely wowed with every single photo. His composition, lighting, focus and post processing are perfection. He could shoot a rock and I would be in awe. But you didn’t come here to see rocks. 🙂

Camilla says:

There is so much depth in these photos, and the decoration is so great. Love it!

Tina says:

I have never commented on a blog before…so here we go…There is such a suggestive (is that the right word?) nature in this work…I found myself wondering 'what happened before this shot' and …'what happened after?' Is that what we are all after when creating scenes in our own homes? I try to imagine what my rooms/home/yard will look and feel like to others when they are here. These photos really capture (at least for me) that sense of the experience. So there you have it : )

KiM says:

🙂 And a fine first blog comment it is Tina! I feel the same way, and find many photographers can take a great shot, but it's quite a feat to evoke feelings and have someone really think about how the space is used.

Great pictures. They have a real personality.


Wedo says:

Agree, pictures look great and I love the shape of the Chesterfield-style sofa you ve features above. Very good inspiration.

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