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Posted on Fri, 18 Jan 2013 by midcenturyjo

I must admit before I go on that I did not find this fantasy time capsule of a home. Oh no there are other hard core real estate stalkers out there in the internets who email, tempt me, show me things I shouldn’t see. (Thanks Alison!) Welcome to a retrolicious dream home. Oh my! How OTT! How bad taste! How perfect! Like stepping back into an uppers/downers and martini fuelled technocolour, freak show trip. Lattice patterned mirror walls, wall to wall synthetic carpet, a sunken conversation pit that would be right at home in Palm Springs, a stone bathroom and a kitchen that just leaves me gasping. There is even an electric organ! This place is so hot thank goodness there is a pool to jump into to cool down. Even better it’s not for sale. It’s for rent… furnished… move right in… just bring the booze and the Pucci bell bottom pantsuit. I feel an uncontrollable urge to back tease my hair, slather on the eyeliner and slide into my marabou slippers. Perhaps Elvis will drop round when he is finished his shift at the 7-Eleven. See I’m rambling! This lovingly refurshibed 70’s home in Caulfield North, Melbourne is obvious the lair of a retro collector and it could be yours, if just for a little while. Link here if you want to sign the lease.

Ve says:

Eww no. Don't like it at all!

tina says:

what a treat to wake up to this morning. Thank you for this post !

Annie says:

I don't know if it's retro or not but to my eyes is bad taste

Jenny says:

OH MY GOD! *dies*

oh holland says:

What delicious infamy caused this house to be? The only thing I'd change is to rip down that sacrilegious "CALM" poster. We'll have none of that!

Diane says:

OMG! That is just so horribly perfect!

Cheryl says:

And yet there are no avocado green appliances in sight!

annie says:

it's so over the top- i kind of love it?

Sue M says:

I agree with Oh Holland…the Poster should read, 'Be Cool!' or 'Stay Cool!'

Hannah says:

Great to see thus post only your missing a few key facts! This house is one of many designed by Holgar & Holgar in the seventies and this was refurbished only recently by Kennedy Nolan architects.

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