I can’t get enough Rue

Posted on Mon, 28 Jan 2013 by midcenturyjo

You too? Don’t worry. Now you don’t have to wait for each new issue. Today, Monday, Rue Magazine will launch Rue Daily. It’s fresh editorial content on a daily basis! Yeah! What can we expect?  Everything from fashion to entertaining to beauty and, oh course, beautiful interiors… like this Lexington, Kentucky home by Hannah Maple. (Thanks Rue Daily for the sneak peek.)

Rue Daily will extend Rue’s fresh, approachable take on designing a beautiful life. It’s interactive and inspirational. What else could you want when you want more Rue?

Meaghan says:

Lexington, KY?? Never thought I'd see my hometown on DTI! What a beautiful home….think they would mind if I dropped by?

Jenny says:

I just can't get into the fake pillars.

Grace says:

Crystal Gentilello is a real sweetheart- she used to work in publishing with my mom before/while launching Rue. I'm glad to see her mag on here, she's got great taste and she's really nice!

Such a dream to be featured on Desire to Inspire. Sincerely flattered…and pinching myself.

P.S. pillars were already there…hence my use of masculine finishes and hard, geometric lines. Wasn't a fan, either, so that was my attempt to downplay them.

Elissa says:

The columns would be fine if they were detailed properly. the beam on top is way to fat, and the trim is kind of skinny for such a large opening. I think that's what is making them look fake. I like how the ceilings have color, so much more interesting than plain white. The distressed leather chairs are awesome btw.

Rrhondz says:

Where did you get that awesome star of David chandelier?

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