Annette’s apartment in Oslo

Posted on Wed, 30 Jan 2013 by KiM

Back in the summer I blogged the beautiful work of interior designer and photographer Annette Nordstrøm, so I was excited when Annette emailed the other day wanting to share with us her dream apartment in Oslo, Norway. I can see why it’s a dream. It has fantastic architectural details like huge windows, arched cielings, exposed beams, old radiators etc. etc. Annette and her stylist partner Christian have created such a stunning home, utilizing many pieces of furniture that were inherited or found at auction, mixed with Moroccan details for an eclectic, global vibe. The neutral palette, mix of textures and patterns along with the architecture has me completely smitten.

Meaghan says:

I need that armoire in the living room to get into my apartment RIGHT NOW. This whole apartment is just stunning.

Ko-Shin says:

Now that is a Lovely, liveable, dreamy home! fabulous!!!

Raghnhild says:

Correction: SHE is NOT a interior designer. She has not gone to school so she cant say she an interior designer nor a interior architect. I visited her page a while ago due to a advertisement in an magasine and it said she was a interior architect but she is not registered anywhere and i know shes not. How false and odd. BUUUU

Jenny says:

I love that this is Scandi style but warmer than what I'm used to. I love that bar cart.

lea says:

She can design my home anytime, with or without the paperwork. This apartment is s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g.

Wow! I just love this place! Especially the bedroom, geez it is so whimsical!!!

Annette Nordstrøm says:

I`m so happy for all nice comments and so happy you like my apartment!
All credit to my ♡ Christian that share this passion for interior with me.
Just to aswer Raghnhilds claim about me not having education. I have 2 years of interior design education from MI that is now Norges Kreative Fagskole.

Becky says:

BEAUTIFUL…. what a wonderful space !!! Gorgeous design without all the pretense and fuss of a designers touch.. ..

Raghnhild says:

@ Anette Du er en interiør konulent IKKE interiør designer eller interirør arkitekt, så flaut å skryte på seg det. Og HVEM er det som ikke har studert og betalt seg inn på NKF? Jeg vet man ikke trenger skole for å ha smak og stil men slutt å skryt på deg det! @Desiretoinspire Check your facts. She is an interior consultant.

Mia says:

@Raghnild Seems like someone is a bit jealous 😛 Ha ha! So pathetic with people that obviously know so much about other peoples credentials.
I myself design jewelry, but I have not gone to school for that. Am I not a designer in your eyes? As far as I know many of the best designer have not gone to designer school. the apartment and the work of Annette!
@Desiretoinspire Love your blog!

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