Stalking brick in Brisbane

Posted on Sat, 2 Feb 2013 by midcenturyjo

Stepping down a steep slope in inner city Brisbane is a brick house of interconnected boxes. Walls slide wide open and privacy is assured with high brick walls. Private courtyards extend out from living areas but the secret jewel of this house is the view from the bedroom. Slide back the doors and your can almost pick the flowers from mature jacaranda and pointsiana trees. Brick walls meet a wall of green. Of course it helps to live in the subtropics. I’d love to be woken from my sleep by the drumming of rain from an early morning storm. The architect is the award winning James Russell. Real estate stalking in my part of the world. Link here while it lasts.

Ivy Lane says:


I can't for the life of me work out this floor plan. There is a staircase up from the kitchen and a wall visible above the kitchen in the photo of the courtyard, so I assume that is the garage – but then the orientation is wrong! The 'lower' level would seem to be in the middle, as it has stairs going up AND down, but the north stairs beside the living room can only go down… Is the master bedroom under the lawn?
This is going to torture me.

lin says:

Ditto above. On the floor plan the only exterior door seems to deadend at a wall with long counters and sinks to the left and right. Is that the front door?

AMR says:

I am also tortured. The first photo shows those stairs up on the right side behind the kitchen but there's no visible second floor…so maybe to a rooftop deck?
The video in the link mentions the treetop views from the master bedroom but the floor plan would suggest that it is under the lawn as Tricia Rose guesses.
But I'm thinking that patch of grass is above the garage.

Curious layout indeed. That sink in the bedroom around the corner from the toilet/actual bathroom? Uh… 🙂

Lukas says:

Down-slope lot. Check out Google Street View. The garage / entry is at the top floor. Kitchen and living below and bedrooms at the bottom. Genius!

MadonnaofCoogee says:

Ok, I think I worked it out – in the vid the woman says that the bedroom level is above the living level, so it must be stepped back so it cant be seen in the pix but that's where the mystery stairs lead, and also means that in the floorplan they mixed up the levels. Bed level is upper, living lower, then down to garage…. phew.

MadonnaofCoogee says:

Oh I give up….

CraftyChick says:

Maybe it's the way it's photographed, but it looks … eerie.

lin says:

Had a good giggle reading diametrically opposed descriptions by Lukas and Madonna of Coogee, both of which made complete sense to me.


Hi All,

It's a great house on a great site.
Hopefully it's purchased by someone who loves it as much as out client has!

We have a few more photos on our website:

Here is a link to all three floor plans:

Below is a project description:

Northam Avenue is a quiet street straddling a ridge in the established inner suburb of Bardon. Houses in this area are generally traditional timber structures. They are elevated platforms above the landscape and isolated from the backyard.
On the north side of the street the land falls steeply down to a BCC park and a water corridor leading to Ithaca creek.
This project creates a connection between the ridge and the broader landscape below.
You enter at street and follow outdoor stairs, courtyards and patio to move about the house. This enables a direct connection to the ground plane.
Each room is a captured moment of outdoor space. Small units are connected to a larger whole that sits on the north slope of a much larger landscape.

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